Vacant – Hiraeth

“Just get on your knees and point the camera up at the back of my head. It’s art, you wouldn’t understand”

by: cameron

Hailing from South London, Vacant is a producer oozing atmosphere in his recently premièred track ‘Hiraeth’. Effortlessly mixing shuffling drums with an anonymous seeping female vocal sample which in recent years has become synonymous with producers thrusting themselves outside the lime-light. After recently gaining momentum through the motions of SoundCloud, gaining co-signs from the UK DJ’s such as Plastician and returning from a recent tour of Russia recently, Vacant has set himself apart from his peers merely following meekly with footsteps.

Listening with intent towards his other 2 stand-out tracks, ‘Wanderer’ and ‘Fate’, and it’s clear that this could easily find home on the label Hyperdub, infamous for Burial’s 2007 Untrue (an album which famously took 2-step garage and gave it the musical equivalent of condensing a bad heroin experience into 50 or so minutes). His collaborations excel further beyond diluted imitation producers found in every ‘Related Tracks’ list on SoundCloud at the moment, working alongside New Zealand producer ‘POLO’ to produce the haunting ‘Wound’.

Get in the mix below:


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