epoch of irrationality… Eric André

by: freddie

However your life may respond to the unreasonable silence of the world, Eric André takes you far away. Whether you first watched the Eric Andre Show at gun point, on the underground tasting someones armpit at rush hour, at home with your aunt who says that she knew Tracey Emin or in your warm apartment with your dog/soul mate.

“The Eric Andre Show is a late night talk show, with an alternate reality.”

Each episode of the Eric Andre Show opens by assaulting your eyes with psychotic images that cannot be unseen, this introduction acts as the only preparation for the next 20 minutes of the show’s content .

Not only do I adore how Eric André vets his guests with LSD, or shock collars but he takes established artists such as: Chance the Rapper, Killer Mike, Mac Demarco, Wiz Khalifa, Mike Rollins, Questlove… and makes them rap battle on treadmills, or edits their responses on topics such as drone bombing in Pakistan. Eric André would play porn at a family meal in the name of art. Forget gimmicky artists like William Pope L. who said that “white people are the future”, Eric André with a friend ran into a civil war reenactment in Greenvile South Carolina, in act called Slaves, to gauge horror into the pale eyes of those who want to sweeten the writings of history.

Hannibal Buress is the co-host on his show, a venerable stand up comedian also a familiar face as he won the roast of Justin Bieber.

“i don’t like your music. …i think you’re a great business man.”

Hannibal and Eric work in akimbo, throughout the seasons the show has successfully continued to keep their dynamic routine, from talking about where ladders came from or composing songs inspired by masturbation. Somehow their mind distorting means of expressing genius has brought them recognition to people who can pay bills and Season 4 is set to be released soon.

Like Buress Eric André is a great stand up comic, his current show on Broadway which started last night seems to be a success. His presence on social media is adored but not only does his presence strike fear to the general public but also his penis. GQ magazine wrote about his brown phallus and timed how long it took Instagram to take down the tasteful nudes from his account, because these are our concerns in life.

We did it MLK, pop culture now relies on being informed about the censorship of explicit black penis, people care – its great world we live in.

While it is claimed, that Eric André’s ‘dic-pics’ were a means of bringing attention to the ‘free the nipple’ campaign for equality of women’s, the censorship and sexualisation of women’s breasts. In reality he just loves doing weird shit.

Notably Eric André flaunts his talents in performance art by bringing awareness to  his cultural identity of being a potato… and founding the Black Scientologists movement, a pseudoscience under the practice of dianetics for Afro-Americans alike. “L. Ron Hubbard was a black man, his name was L. Ron Hoyabembe…”

Eric André while unemployed wrote, presented and edited the shows pilot himself, additionally he learnt how to use Final Cut Pro, then hired a homeless man to play Russell Brand (who worships the dark lord Satan).

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Can I make the music video for <a href=”https://twitter.com/HudMo”>@HudMo</a&gt; 's Ryderz???</p>&mdash; Eric Andre (@ericandre) <a href=”https://twitter.com/ericandre/status/689226439183306752″>January 18, 2016</a></blockquote> //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

He also loves Hudson Mohawke so we like him.



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