by: freddie

A diet of menthol cigarettes and free coffee at 7pm on wednesday, the promoter and I shared an amicable exchange on our mothers calling us both the past tense of draw. I had just missed Flat White playing the night before due to the need to stroke my friends cats, I also missed S-type playing on Monday to an extensive phone call to my mum. But fuck yes mum, a boiler room, in shoreditch, nothing like Flat White wearing his own fashion label ‘Off White’ , while Future (hendrix) base is served in the basement (pardon that bullshit joke) of the Red Gallery.


I wish my benevolent mum had come, she would have loved to see me smile like I did when I was a child, but this time her warm beautiful brown skinned child was just trying to keep out of being in the endless gifs of awkward boiler room recordings. Yeah, the one where Kaytranada (Kay-Kay) is watching the decks and people wiping their natural oils on his shoulder, not the nice oils you find in Norwegian spa’s or the ones your uncle tried to put on you either.

Only 6ft Mykki Blanco can sweat so heavily in a Nike sports bra, while making it look like William L Pope visual art piece, surrounded by the citizens of Berlin Techno. Mykki Blanco, is all of art and androgyny, and i know he smelt of sweet magnolia blossoms after that Jimmy Edgar boiler room, who needs his own page of deliberation, id love to love him, and give him a massage and play with his hair if he consents to it and i am not objectifying him in sort.

The fake road man nike-cap, man bag, positioning adolescents added a wonderful sense of ill-placed smugness from the ancien east regime now displays the new gentrified theatre for grime, like when G.W. Bush did the ice bucket challenge, without shouting “Lock arff”. You are not helping yourself. It was great, i would love to meet the kids who lined up screaming at anyone in the smoking area to leave so they could get in as snapping their grandparents heart monitors for 50 likes on instagram was not enough for their peers appreciation.

Wow that is harsh.

No, nothing is real just lay in bed and listen to Carl Sagan.

“I’m joking, I’m just serious”, but yes Boiler Room maintained its pre-eminence of the underground night with Section Boyz and “Mandem” including: Stormzy, Novelist, Jammer…BBK. London grime is establishing its empire, a new Holy Roman Empire, but who do you call the Pope or the Habsburgs, Skepta? Dizzy Rascal?


I came for Flat White, as the Chicago DJ, Virgil Abloh, creative director of “Off-White” a new collection of “practical conceptual” street influenced fashion. Virgil DJ’s, works on projects with Kanye West, shoots with Vic Mensa, throws Travis Scott his aesthetics for performances, and has the time to bless us us on a Tuesday night in the cold. A paragon of 21st century multi-talented  visionaries which Kanye West understandably backs.


Here is Virgil, A$AP and Kanye, hanging out today, from virgil’s instagram, as a triumvirate of contemporary music and fashion.


…by the time he played Hackney Parrot by Tessla, which DJ EZ also injects into  his introductions, I looked at someone in a disposition close to a nose bleed. It was intense, not “in tents” but like a scene from The Eric Andre Show. Fuck, why so many dad jokes? I’ve said “too many F’s already”.

If you have read this far, why? Further, there is no prize, this is all pointless information about an irrational student in London in his own insight has the art of living without any magniloquence. This is my first post,  I am vulnerable and I want to start somewhere, and write about creativity whichever form the feeling comes from.