Sam Gelliatry – Escapism – EP

by: freddie

Escapism – EP

Sam Gelliatry‘s new EP is the focal piece of this article, upon going to his EP launch event at the Phonox on the 4th of December, and then deciphering the enigmatic notes on my phone, an empirical account was needed.

The 5 track EP offered – saturated djembe’s, bongo and cajon drums, all transposed as instruments or rhythmic tones, the Escapism EP offers a positive side to the notion of cultural integration.


Just as gardens offer a wide selection of floral specimens that would otherwise live far and wide from one another. The artist has arranged each clip between warm 808’s, to fill the sounds and emphasis empty silences, the clarity of his production offers its own dialogue, only the track “Long Distance” offered vocal support.

Like many DIY artists Gelliatry’s start came from soundcloud and viral fame among the IDM and UK hip-hop community. It was worth the wait for his debut EP, and only embellished the hype around him. With a rabble of London poets enjoyed hearing the track powder burn into our ivory skulls.



Now, as intelligence agencies alike read this, and every post by myself and my ethnic friends, it is almost Christmas time. A period to spend in frivolity with those who prayed for you and gave you devout acceptance from that cosy womb. Many artists suffer around this time of year or early in the new year,

Much like the introduction of this Scottish producer’s EP, its content is supreme.


Take some.

December is usually a quiet month for artists (and DJ’s), because the weather is just a bit gloomier, (a bit baltic) the average functioning person goes home for Christmas. Most label’s organise tours around Oceania (no not the club but Australia, New Zealand… Come on) during the winter period – the poor artists continue to hear their own mind orchestra’s played on repeat – they never get to sleep.

They wish that they had a warm home to go to and sit by a encroaching Norwegian Spruce, with begrimed tacky lights, and ornaments that evoked some emotive remission to succeed in purchasing from Tiger. Im joking.

We should be thinking about the artists who really care, the ones you see in clubs and think “shit is he okay?” The strain of making commercial tracks shows as they use eye drops give a nice empty smile as they pose for your pictures, the man or woman just wanted to make sounds they believed in, but that doesn’t matter because the labels just want people to buy or stream their music.

nstead of culturally appropriating, making money off racial stereotypes or making faker than silicon albums and winning Grammy’s for best music video, when the rest of the attentive public were blown away the ‘invisible camera in the mirror scene’ in L$D. That video alone made the jaw clench of controversy colossus Romain Gavras or ‘Nabil‘.

Be humble, its Christmas, buy some music and support the artists you like or donate your organs here.

Here is a playlist, art is again here to help you find meaning in the world – where there may not be any at all.