by: matthew


Listening to this four track EP for the first time you feel the warm bass grooves seep through you and notice the soul infused hip-hop beats have started you tapping your feet, leaving you with a joker-esque grin sat wide on your face. The five piece outfit are based in Rotterdam and birthed from the combined minds of Dutch producer K The Fresh and English Singer/Songwriter Beau Nox. Day Fly injects the warmth of soul grooves into alternative hip hop and sprinkles on snappy, memorable lyrics channeled through the mellow tones of Beau Nox.

After only 10 seconds of the lead track ‘Magnet‘, Day Fly already showcase everything they came here to do. Perfectly mixed to bring Beau Nox’s tones right to the front layering the fuzzy bass and tight drums just underneath, you can hear influences ranging from the Tribe to Bill Withers.

Hide Me‘, the second track on the EP leads with poppy vocals, on top of a fresh sounding beat that lets you enjoy the ride through the whole of this track. The chorus features long synth waves that guide your ears through this deceptively funky pop tune.

Their track ‘Strangle Time‘ features a crisp yet complex breakbeat with the honey-like bass thats featured throughout this project. The verses provide a fresh flow that sits perfectly atop the beat laid by the bass and drums. Then into the chorus the catchy Day Fly lines take centre stage once again.

Finally the title track ‘Nightmares/Invincible‘ kicks off differently to every other track, the first four bars catch you off pace, but half a minute later the rest of the band joins in to settle you back into what Day Fly do best. The halfway point of the song introduces a wailing guitar solo, perfectly timed and executed. The final chorus of the EP gives you the feeling that Day Fly aren’t going to go away for some time.

Although not much is known about this band, they definitely know what they came here to do. It’s easy to see Day Fly will garner much more success in the years to come, boasting just over 600 followers on SoundCloud and only 100 on Spotify this band have a long way to go, but NIGHTMARES/INVINCIBLE firmly places them in the scene with names like Lianna La Havas and The Internet.

Have a nice day you beautiful human, find solace in the fact that you’re not Donald Trump’s fringe, forever trying to fly away but eternally bound to the head of a supremely brainless human being.